Take a Break! 5 Top Easter Destinations To Help Increase Productivity At Work

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It’s a common thing to be working in your design job beyond the regular 9 to 5. At Adrem, we see how hard working it can be for architects, designers and even the creative support team in these studios.

However, scientific studies believe that taking a proper holiday with no work distractions can really help improve brain function and increase work productivity. Studies suggest we need to give our brains some quiet time to have greater insight and reach that ‘Aha’ moment. It is estimated that over 60% of problems are solved through insight, so if you’re an HR Manager or someone’s boss then you’ll agree these moments are pretty important. Being in a different location can help shake the brain out of its usual habits and bring new perspectives on difficult problems.

“Change your environment, change your mind-set” so with that in mind here are 5 of the top Easter destinations that can help maximise your productivity this Spring!

Holidays Increase Productivity -Portugal

Holidays Increase Productivity -Portugal

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Built on seven hills, Lisbon is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe with plenty of sunshine, sea breeze and gothic architecture. Dotted with Roman and Moorish architectural ruins, the city overlooks the River Tagus and usually has a moderate temperature of 14-18 degree in March, which makes it a great time to catch some vitamin D in the sunshine.

Change your environment:

Walk down the dreamy, tree-lined or cobblestoned streets of Principe Real, Chiado, Bairro Alto and Baixa, home to some of the best upcoming fashion shops, contemporary galleries and design ateliers. Visit nearby Alcantara, to discover the LX Factory – a must-visit for any creative minds looking to be inspired by design and concept rather than shopping. Lastly, don’t miss the Museo do Design e Da Moda in downtown Baixa. Once a former bank, this fantastic piece of colonial architecture has been converted to an extraordinary space for exhibiting high-end interior design and fashion every three months.

Holidays Increase Productivity - Spain

Holidays Increase Productivity – Spain

2. Seville, Spain

Most famous for flamenco dance, Seville is also well-known for its historical layers in architecture. From ornate architecture to the rumoured final resting place of Christopher Columbus, Seville is a metropolis of feelings as well as sights. For a cultural break, visit this Andulusia region during the Easter week when the city wears it personality proudly. Alive with warm weather, colour and orange blossoms, the city hosts one of the most spectacular celebrations for its major festival Semana Santa around this time.

Change your environment:

For ornate interiors, romantic courtyards and tranquil gardens, visit the grounds of Alcazar de Sevilla, the city’s fortified palace of distinctive Moorish origins. Take a stroll through the cobbled streets of Santa Cruz area for a glimpse of the medieval remnants of Jewish quarters in the city. The Giralda bell tower offers a spectacular view of the city’s architectural landscape, which was originally built as a minaret in the 12th century. One thing that’s not to be missed is the whitewashed plaza of the La Real Maestranza – the world’s oldest bullring – on the banks of Canal de Alfonso XIII.

Holidays Increase Productivity - Morocco

Holidays Increase Productivity – Morocco

3. Casablanca, Morocco

Home to some of the most striking colonial architecture, Casablanca is the unsung jewel of Morocco. Believed to have been designed by air, Casablanca was a small Portuguese port before it was transformed into a modernist metropolis of art-deco architecture. In comparison to other Moroccan cities, Casablanca is a modern cosmopolitan city with a much less of a tourist population, making it the ideal city break destination for the warm Spring sun.

Change your environment:

Start off your trip with a lazy cruise down the new part of town from Boulevard Hassan II to Place Mohammed V and admire the wonderful marriage between Moorish designs and colonial functionalism. In the west corner of the city centre stands the gleaming white Neo-Gothic Cathedrale Sacre-Coeur, worth visiting for its dramatic exterior. As you leave the cathedral grounds, walk south through the palm tree lined avenue and past the crumbling Art-Deco villas to get to the Villa des Arts gallery. Before your trip ends, make sure you wander west through the streets of Medina to discover the largest mosque in Morocco, Hassan II Mosque in Sour Jdid.

Holidays Increase Productivity - Greece

Holidays Increase Productivity – Greece

4. Athens, Greece

With a mix of ancient history and modern edginess, Athens culture and social life is made up of lively museums and cafes. The city is scattered with iconic monuments and significant architecture from past to present. Athens is filled with creative vibes and busy nightlife including open air theatres and buzzing flea markets.

Change your environment:

Take a trek up to one of the most ancient sites in the Western world, the Acropolis, stopping by the museum to discover the history of the Parthenon and other historic architecture. The walk up is filled with astonishing views of the surrounding city and characteristics of old ruins from as far back as the 4th millennium BC. You will see the relics of classic Odeon theatres and multiple sanctuaries scattered around the site before reaching the impressive Parthenon.

Holidays Increase Productivity - Dubai

Holidays Increase Productivity – Dubai

5. Dubai, UAE

And finally Dubai, a city for exploring endless architectural possibilities that comes with an incredible 15km coastline of exotic beaches. A city whose population consists of a fraction of Emiratis, Dubai is the melting pot for all things design and culture between the East and the West. Dubai is what we consider the creative hub of the Middle East.

Change your environment:

Apart from the fantastic nightlife, sheesha lounges and sleek hotels, Dubai is filled with iconic architectural masterpieces of the past and the present. Visit the Dubai Museum for a lesson in the nation’s Bedouin history followed by a guided tour of the Jumeirah Mosque, the only mosque opened to non-Muslims. Once you emerge from the depths of the city’s heritage, head over to the serene stretch of sandy shoreline and try everything from kite surfing to kayaking against the iconic Burj Khalifa on the horizon.


Of course, it’s not necessary to put your design job on hold to clear your mind abroad. Changing your regular routine by trying something new or even exploring a different part of town can help create that spark. With all this exploring, don’t forget to jot down your new insights as they will definitely help when you get back into work and put them in action!

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