7 Ways Linkedin Can Find You Your Next Job

By | April 11th, 2017|

With over 400 million registered users, Linkedin is considered the world’s largest professional network in this century – no wonder it’s been recently acquired by Microsoft.

So how does social media get you your next job? We might think we’re all experts in using the tool; I mean, it’s free so how hard can it be? Think again. Like everything on the internet Linkedin is frequently changing, which means it is constantly updating itself to grow with its users.

Here are 7 basic ways you can change your position in the social network marketplace and have employers phoning you for your next design or architecture related job.


1. Use the Right Profile Picture

On a professional level, I think we can all agree selfies in a club may not leave the best first impressions, nor does the default invisible portrait. Did you know, you are 7 times more likely to have your profile clicked on if you have a professional picture? See more on Linkedin’s Photo Guidelines.


2. Share the News, Keep It Relevant

Make sure you engage with your connections and share updates on your career success and accomplishments, but remember to keep it professional. Family holidays and what you had for lunch should remain in the Facebook/Instagram zone. Limit yourself to the most important and relevant professional updates that your connections want to see.


3. Headline Matters

Like all newspapers, your personal headline should be attention grabbing with relevant keywords about your job title, company and expertise. Here’s a tip when it comes to search results on Linkedin, headhunters keep an eye out for competitor company names.


4. Summarise, Summarise, Summarise!

Your personal summary is a very important section that most people seem to ignore. For most headhunters this is where keyword search comes in handy so be sure to include your top skills for them to find you. Just like your personal statement on your CV, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to sell yourself. [Insert elevator pitch]


5. Recommendations

Before you book a hotel, you’d check the reviews. Same goes for your Linkedin profile. Getting endorsements and recommendations from people who’ve worked with will increase your credibility. Don’t forget to return the favour!


6. Create Articles

If you’re passionate about what you do, show it. Write articles or even sum up your opinion pieces to share with your connections. Be sure to use engaging images/media and don’t lie, you won’t want to ruin your credibility. Read Linkedin’s tips on creating great articles.


7. Be Interested

Join discussions, follow companies and add interest groups to your profile. These engagements will keep your feed updated with relevant news and potentially land you your next job.


The most important thing is consistently keeping your profile up-to-date. Remember this is your online CV that is available to your next potential employer.


Here is a quick guide to understand the new desktop interface:

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By | April 11th, 2017|