Guest Post: Design Trends for 2016/17

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It’s that time of the year again, the start to all things great! In celebration of the new year and the first of many design events, we have a special guest post from Copenhagen’s North Modern event this week. Speaking at today’s talk, Pernille Kirstine Møller from the Scandinavian Trend Institute shares with Adrem, the design trends and themes for Autumn-Winter 2016/17.

About Pernille Kirstine Møller

Pernille is the Design Trend Manager at Pej Gruppen – Scandinavian Trend Instuitute, a company that is responsible for recognising, analysing and communicating key trend forecasts for the design and lifestyle industry every season.

Heading the trend division at Pej Gruppen, Pernille develops the concept and content for trend materials and lectures for the company’s half-yearly trend conferences in Copenhagen Fashion Week Formland as well as consulting with various B2B and B2C companies for future design strategies.

Pernille holds a background in interior design and architecture from her time at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has a Bachelor degree in Communication & Media Studies from the Copenhagen School of Design & Technology.

Adrem - Pernille Kirstine Moller at Pej Gruppen © Design Trends

Adrem – Pernille Kirstine Moller at Pej Gruppen © Design Trends

Design Trends for Autumn and Winter 16/17


Design has to rediscover its original DNA in a new world and furthermore take its own role serious once again. REDISCOVER is therefore the keyword of the season. All creative mindsets need to rediscover their own eligibility of existence and their own role. It is important as a designer to be inspired in new ways and explore new areas. But where do we find this in a modern world?

On a Journey of Exploration

To find new inspiration is like leaving for a journey of exploration. Every part of the creative industry is constantly exploring and seeking new inspiration everywhere – near and far away, in the old and in the new among young and old, in the city and in the country. A journey of exploration can not only lead to the discovery of something new, but also the rediscovery of the things that were previously uncovered. This discovery of old and new can merge to form new contexts, which may result in something completely fresh and motivating. Culture, nature and history are inexhaustible sources of inspiration for new explorers. Memories, rituals, symbols and religion are the fundamental values, which create authenticity, recognisability and relations. Together they create new value in a new period of time where technology and science both create and simplify the complex life. The holistic way of thinking and combining obvious contradictions to something new will still be of great importance in the future.

Trend Themes for AW 16/17

The design trend themes and colours for Autumn-Winter 2016/17 are heading in four different directions. Four directions, which are built on rediscovering as a basic element and on the way that creativity is driven by a way of mixing, matching and merging.

  1. Rediscover the classics
  2. Rediscover the familiar
  3. Rediscover the unknown
  4. Rediscover diversity


Rediscover the Classics

Interior designers and architects are working in a universe where tradition and quality are important elements. In the interior industry, meticulousness and thoughtfulness is possible. Interior and furniture must be precise to match the modern standards of quality, where multifunctionality, mobility and sustainability are alpha omegas. At the same time, craftsmanship, tailoring and DIY (Do It Yourself) are reaching new levels. In the future, the possibilities within personalisation and involvement of customers in the design process will be bigger than ever, because of new digital directions.


Rediscover the familiar

The home is characterised by the fundamental and intimate values. The home is an analogue base where it is possible to recharge emotionally and create new memories. This is seen through the use of materials and personal objects that together create a cosy, homely and down-to-earth atmosphere. Hence, good craftsmanship is the essence of the aesthetics of the home as the components of the interior must express that they are rooted in nature and that they are sustainable.


Rediscover the unknown 

What is ‘out there’ is beyond our comprehension. This feeling of incomprehensibility influences interior and takes it to unprecedented areas with regard to expressions. Inspiration can be found in the unimpaired and unknown, which results in calm, simple aesthetics with a distinguished twist. The use of lighter colours helps to add a touch of lightness and a positive loneliness to the expression. The materials are well-known and tested, allowing them to be treated through the use of technology, which opens up for a possibility to gain an accurate finish that is important when creating minimalistic, futuristic designs.


Rediscover diversity

A space is not just a neutral environment. The selected interior signals diversity and opulence. The interior invites to enjoyment and pleasure, which is possible through carefully selected elements and materials. This expresses a sense of mystery and denseness in the space. However, when translated into a Scandinavian version, this heavier style can become something spectacular and minimalistic at the same time.


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By | January 14th, 2016|