Interior Design Pop-up: Awestruck!

July 2018, 30th - August 2018, 3rd

Awestruck! is a unique pop-up exhibition and series of workshops focused on awakening the senses through biophilia interior design.

Biophilia is the innate human affinity we have with nature and the outdoors; literally, it means “love of life or living systems”.

Awestruck! brings together like-minded people interested in discovering sensorial connections with nature.

Biophilia-designed interiors have been scientifically proven to transform people’s moods, health and overall wellbeing. For example:

  • In hospitals, biophilia speeds up recovery times;
  • In offices, it increases productivity and reduces anxiety and stress;
  • In restaurants, it enhances flavour and intimate dining experiences;
  • In homes, it refreshes and evokes comfort and tranquillity.

Awestruck! has been created and brought to the Adrem DreamSpace Gallery by Harleen Mclean Interiors.

Founder and Creative Director Harleen Mclean is a London-based interior designer specialising in sensory design through biophilia.

Being a talented fabric artist, Harleen also accessorises interiors with bespoke fabrics, inspired by nature and the natural world.

Harleen and her team look forward to welcoming anyone interested in this growing area of design to the workshops and exhibition.


The Awestruck! exhibition will run from Monday 30 July to Friday 3 August and will be open every day, 9am until 6pm.

The exhibition will feature a range of biophilic design and art elements, creating a ‘guided walk through nature’ for visitors.

Harleen Mclean Interiors is creating a sensory experience for visitors featuring a living wall installation to bring the outdoors in, and fabric designs converted into products for interiors including lighting, furniture, soft furnishings, and art.

The exhibition will also feature unique furniture created from natural materials and inspired by nature, including meditation chairs, coffee tables and hanging wooden art installation.

There will be individual talks and workshops taking place each day that exhibition visitors are also welcome to attend. See below and at for more details.

Workshops and Talks

Awestruck! has teamed up with a variety of wellbeing and design experts to bring together a programme of workshops and talks throughout the week.

Each day of the event will focus on a different sense:

  • Monday – Sight
  • Tuesday – Touch
  • Wednesday – Taste & Smell
  • Thursday – Movement & Space
  • Friday – Light & Sound

The workshops and talks are designed to discover and discuss how we can awaken the senses in different ways and bring these learnings into interior design.

For the full event schedule, go to

Spaces are limited for each workshop, so please register in advance.