Brand Identity: What Makes a Brand Unique

August 2015, 20th - August 2015, 20th

About the Workshop:

Brands are just like people: they have identities. And just like in people, these identities are complex and multi-faceted. Understanding them helps everyone build more realistic expectations of what a brand can offer and what it takes to grow it. Once more, architecture and design are in the middle of things, but there are lots of other domains and disciplines that contribute to a modern brand identity.

When people hear about brand identity, they mostly associate it with the brand logo and visual style. A real identity, however, brings together business fundamentals and relationship parameters that form the core of that brand. Sure, the verbal and visual identifiers matter, but they are only the skin of the beast and not its beating heart.

Brands are complex, just like any person is. You can relate to them and grow them only if you know them deeply. So it is important to not just identify the things that make up a brand identity, but also discuss how they connect to, and influence, each other.

Adrem © Storience Stefan Liute

Adrem © Storience Stefan Liute

About Stefan Liute

Stefan is a brand strategist with over 15 years of experience, and a co-founder of branding agency Storience. He has trained corporate customers and taught to post-graduate students for almost a decade. His training style is informal, participative, and relaxed. He believes that freely sharing knowledge (from both practice and academia) only makes him and his trainees better.


18:00 – Doors open
18:30 – 20:45 – Workshop
20:45 – 21:00 – Questions and networking