June 25 2015 – June 25 2015

Brands & Branding for Architecture & Design

As part of LFA2015 we are co-hosting an architecture-minded workshop with Storience. This limited admission training provides an introduction to what brands and branding mean today (i.e. a lot more than slapping logos on stuff). Register to participate in a session of concepts, exercises, interaction and discussion with Stefan Liute.

Adrem - Storience - Black Sea Shore Campsite ©
Adrem - Storience - Black Sea Shore Campsite ©

About the Workshop:

Adrem are collaborating with Storience to host a workshop training that offers a brief, yet proper introduction to brands and branding for architecture and design. Combining the presentation of basic concepts with free discussion and small workshop-style exercises, the training helps participants understand what brand and branding are, and how they are relevant to the world of architecture.

Much like architecture, branding is evolving at a quick pace. Today, it integrates many disciplines that range from old-style rhetoric to product and service design. It also shares some of architecture’s challenges, from sustainability and social responsibility to a genuine focus on people.


Adrem - Storience - Black Sea Shore Campsite ©
Adrem – Storience – Black Sea Shore Campsite ©

Come prepared to discuss, to ask and answer questions. Also, prepare to work in small, ad-hoc groups – branding work is always teamwork. Do not expect to know everything about brands and branding after just this training. If you get the fundamentals right, you will be better off than most professionals today, in any industry. And if the topic gets your attention, there’s a reading list at the end of the slide deck (you’ll get the deck on request, via email).

This training is part of a larger series. Nine other trainings take participants into more specific topics relevant to present-day brand building and re-building.

Adrem © Storience Stefan Liute
Adrem © Storience Stefan Liute

About Stefan Liute

Stefan is a brand strategist with over 15 years of experience, and a co-founder of branding agency Storience. He has trained corporate customers and taught to post-graduate students for almost a decade. His training style is informal, participative, and relaxed. He believes that freely sharing knowledge (from both practice and academia) only makes him and his trainees better.


18:00 – Doors open
18:30 – 20:45 – Workshop
20:45 – 21:00 – Questions and networking