Changing Focus – An exhibition by Carole Stagg

March 2014, 31st - April 2014, 22nd

The Exhibition

Mindfulness is a practice that develops attention and awareness. It is generally practiced sitting down, with the eyes closed and uses the breath as an anchor for focusing when the ‘mind’ wanders.

The work in this exhibition invites the viewer to see the world from a mindful engagement with the environment using the eye as the anchor. A daily walking mindfulness practice, using an iPhone4s camera, the photographs capture fragments of the urban visual landscape encountered whilst walking in London, India and Bosnia.

By suspending judgement, free from assumptions based on recognition, labelling and schema, the images captured in the present moment awareness of the artist depict an opportunity for an aesthetic experience.

In Art, things are often removed from their situational context and put into a realm of the strange to alter their values and elicit an aesthetic response. This practice suggests that with an openness and exploration, the visually mundane or bland of the everyday can become charged with an energy exchange between object and viewer.

What may emerge are images of potential beauty and interest hidden amongst the generally overlooked, infused with intrigue and curiosity.

Reiterating the dictum of the mindfulness enquiry, ‘What is this?’

Carol Stagg - Changing Focus - The Daily Aesthetic

Carol Stagg © Changing Focus – The Daily Aesthetic

About Carol Stagg

Carole Stagg gained an MA at the RCA, and MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from UEL. She practices as a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Facilitator and is a Well Being Consultant working with an extensive cross sectional client base. Her work as an artist explores ‘change’ through various media.

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