Exhibition: The Pork Chop That Blossomed

November 2015, 5th - November 2015, 27th

About The Exhibition

London-based artists Jakeline Londono and Jeronimo Garcia from Heatherwick Studio will present their first collaborative exhibition running between 6 – 27 November 2015, occupying Adrem’s DreamSpace to exhibit new and recent work. A palpable sense of fragmentation and absurdity permeates throughout both Londono’s and Garcia’s works, which are comprised of ‘found’ objects. They humorously explore the narrative untaken by the sub-conscious in the process of creation, contending that ideas are not confined to premeditated formulas but a product of primordial instinct.

Dreamspace © Jakeline Londono

Dreamspace © Jakeline Londono

About Jakeline Londono

Londono (born 1979, Colombia) is an MA graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art in London. Working with materials such as mirror and glass to create architectural constructions, Londono’s work is informed by an interest in the tensions between high art and popular culture.  Her most recent body of artwork exceeds the generalisation of her mediums through the deconstruction of their everyday functionality. By exalting the ‘poverty’ of the materials, Londono attempts to expose the precariousness of their form.


About Jeronimo Garcia

Garcia (born 1987, Mexico) is a graduate of BA Architecture at Westminster University. Garcia’s boldness and experimentation – in which he combines unlikely materials such as hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet water colour paint and ink on animal bones – defy preconceived notions regarding geometry and composition. His work animates the inanimate by giving identity to his ‘creatures’ with a series of hypnotic patterns that arbitrarily sprawl across their surface like capillaries. Garcia also explores themes related to what he refers to as ‘patterns of the unconsciousness’, a process that is deeply connected to the way in which we develop relationships through letters, numbers and symbols.


 Exhibition curated by Nathalie Ashford

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