Exhibition: THIRST… THROUGH the EYES of a CHILD and a PENGUIN

December 2015, 3rd - January 2016, 29th

About The Exhibition

WATER is the heartbeat of our Earth.
This precious, all sustaining gift runs deep and clear
through the veins of life itself:
It makes up most of the human body.
WATER supports the balance of life.
It is a foundation for health,
for infrastructure, agriculture and industry,
and for the future of our planet Earth.


But WATER is profoundly threatened by an advancing tide of consumerism, industrialisation, ignorance and greed. WATER affects mega world economies … and the poorest child.

This beautiful intercultural installation shines a light on the global water crisis which threaten us all. The installation forms the phase one key cultural component of a major new global programme designed to address this issue, the most critical challenge of our generation.

The aim of the programme is to bring about real sustainable change both to public policy and human behaviour, in order to build a more secure world for current and future generations.

The sculpture installation “THIRST … THROUGH the EYES of a CHILD and a PENGUIN” will offer up opportunities that facilitate and nurture awareness of these issues, inviting open-hearted engagement and collaboration from the entire world.

Dreamspace - Nicola Ravenscroft ©

Dreamspace – Nicola Ravenscroft ©

About Nicola Ravenscroft

Nicola is a sculptor and songwriter.

She holds an honours degree in fine art from Camberwell College of Art, London. She is a qualified art teacher, has six children of her own and enjoys an all-embracing love of living.

“Work made by Nicola offers unique access to the depth and spark of life, through an open, intuitive and flowing representation. She is truly a possibility thinker and I could not recommend her more highly.” Anna Craft.

Nicola inhabits a long line of artists, architects and musicians. Herself the wife of Raphael Ravenscroft, the late legendary saxophonist… Baker Street, Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Abba etc …

For her, the inherent joy of being a sculptor lies in three life-giving experiences:
First – in the moment of conception.
Second – in the deep fulfilment that comes from the journey of creating something meaningful, something beautiful.
And third – in the reaction and heart response to the piece from the audience.

Dreamspace - Nicola Ravenscroft ©

Dreamspace – Nicola Ravenscroft ©

About THIRST ™

A new programme with the aim of bringing about real sustainable change to both public policy and human behaviour, in order to build a more secure world for future generations


About Stella Thomas

Stella is Founder & President of the Global Water Fund. She has worked all over the world for the past two decades empowering world leaders and business leaders on the important role water weaves through our world economy, while funding and implementing technologies to ensure clean drinking water and sanitation are shared by all.

Stella will be presenting a global synopsis of the state of the world’s water crisis during the Private View evening.

Global Water Fund ©

Global Water Fund ©