Fluidity to Motif – Exhibition by Farzana Kazi-Hossain & Sabina Grabauskaite

March 2015, 2nd - March 2015, 26th

The Exhibition

On one side is Farzana’s series of paintings entitled ‘Fluidity’, a collection of esoteric art pieces inspired by automatic art; the abstracted backdrops with their rich colours and sanguine textures radiate energy. Within this lies an endo-skelton of architectural ink drawing lending rigidity to form. This is in contrast with Sabina’s fascination for the control or the ‘Motif’ of wallpaper printed patterns. The playfulness of this abstraction is achieved by bringing together urban wildlife and domestic settings. The displacement of this still life creates a pleasurable curiosity for the onlooker.

The juxtaposition of these contrasting styles makes ‘Fluidity to Motif’ a versatile appetite quencher for a variety of far reaching tastes. Exhibited at the Dreamspace Gallery in the creative hub of Shoreditch and Clerkenwell.

About Sabina Grabauskaite

Sabina Grabauskaite is an Interior Designer and an artist. Since she can remember she was always drawn to create, build, construct and design. “ Creating art to me is like being a flower basking in sunlight. It is essential to have it in my life”.  Being an Interior Designer she is inspired by different patterns, textures and colour that can be found in nature and everyday lives.

Sabina has been always fascinated by human psychology. She loves to study portraiture in art and photography. To analyse not only the person who is being portrayed but also how the artist sees him/her and their relationship.

Her creations feature portraits of animals, interiors with heavily pattered materials. She playfully places wild animals in an interior setting to make them more human like. The artist chooses to paint wild life animals that are rarely seen by a viewer and she is letting them to study and wonder the depth of animal character.

Fluidity To Motif © Sabina Grabauskaite - Alex the Eagle & The Pretender

Fluidity To Motif © Sabina Grabauskaite – Alex the Eagle & The Pretender

About Farzana Kazi-Hossain

Farzana Kazi-Hossain, RIBA, is a Contemporary Artist and Architect, who has lived in Sweden, Canada, Malaysia, Bangladesh and UK. She studied Architecture at the Bartlett School, UCL under seminal design tutors like Ron Heron and Peter Cook, who inspired her style. Farzana has practiced in Asia and in the UK. Through Studio Kazi she paints and practices architecture, working closely with BUJ Architects.

Farzana has exhibited widely and her art hangs in private collections across The UK and the Far East.  Farzana’s work is influenced by the human form and the elasticity of its movement. She works primarily in acrylics and water colour and uses controlled architectural ink drawing to contrast the fluidity of the paints. The two mediums work in harmony, as the abstraction interlocks with the precision of the ink.  The fondness for bringing together these mediums has developed over many years and continues to evolve.

Fluidity To Motif © Farzana Kazi-Hossain - Somersault & Its a Dash

Fluidity To Motif © Farzana Kazi-Hossain – Somersault & Its a Dash


RSVP for Private View

Thursday 5th March 2015 18:30 – 21:00

RSVP to [email protected]