Graphic Exhibition: 11 Frames Per Second

May 2015, 18th - June 2015, 5th

About the exhibition

“Happy accidents are real gifts, and they can open the door to a future that didn’t even exist,” a famous film director once said.

But some people go looking for accidents… you could waste a lifetime waiting for gifts.

Maria Sagun, a graphic artist and designer based in Surrey, still hasn’t found enough accidents.

Errors and glitch screenshots, ripped posters revealing forgotten faces, and barcodes buying into a world where geometric is currency. Maria takes the everyday image and offers it a new timeline.

Who is this exhibition and how does it happen? Force a digital collage using lower case letters and somebody else’s religion. Drag a woman’s frame down a scanner and fill in the gaps with a sunset. Fashion is still fashion. Do you want to cut out catalogue models and carve in some new cheekbones? Maria does.

That would look great if all the gaps were filled in with neon. It’s not finished, but it’s still perfect. And all the while drawing on the idea of rhythm and repetition, and on the idea of rhythm and repetition.

Mona Haotum showed up to mix the drinks, Sarah Lucas was reading Lodown out loud, Neville Brody was already there and still refuses to leave. Abe Vigoda’s drum kit is scattered across the room, but someone is still singing in the bathroom.

SUPER SUPER, Notion, Meat Magazine, Made in Shoreditch…Maria was there and in some ways, still is.

Go dark, forget yourself. Don’t bother trying to put names to faces… you’ll only be disappointed. NTSC or PAL? 11 frames per second.

Dreamspace © Maria Sagun

Dreamspace © Maria Sagun

 About Maria Sagun

Based in Surrey, Maria graduated with a Graphic Design: New Media degree from the UCA Epsom. She started experimenting with geometric shapes, patterns, glitch art, word pad effect and produced graphic based collages, within layout, illustrations and design for print based projects. Her work is heavily influenced by the likes of Mona Hatoum, Sarah Lucas, Abe Vigoda & Neville Brody.