Illustration Exhibition: ‘White Rabbit’ by Crimson City Inc.

May 2015, 11th - May 2015, 15th

About the Exhibition

Crimson City Inc. is an emerging artist and illustrator based out of Dunedin, New Zealand. Inspired by a wide array of influences ranging from futurism to pop-surrealism, he creates richly detailed and expressive compositions with a subtle emotional and surreal edge. By working predominantly with ballpoint pen and other traditional media, Crimson City Inc. hopes to create an otherworldly visual experience for his audience that is both unique and memorable.

The ‘White Rabbit’ exhibition held at the Dreamspace Gallery during May will feature a collection of black and white ballpoint works created by Crimson City Inc. over the last two years, including smaller black and white sketches, large original drawings, printed vinyl posters, small and large print reproductions as well as printed Crimson City Inc. thirst for sale and on display within the space.

Dreamspace © Crimson City Inc.

Dreamspace © Crimson City Inc.

About Crimson City Inc.

Crimson City Inc. has been working within New Zealand on his artworks for the last few years since graduating from a local Design School. He has worked together with several local writers and designers, as well as working together on international projects with musicians, artists and companies such as London’s Cyberdog. Crimson City Inc. also had his first solo exhibition in 2013 – and this will be his first exhibition outside of New Zealand.

Dreamspace © Crimson City Inc.

Dreamspace © Crimson City Inc.

More Information

For more details about the exhibition, please contact Dreamspace at [email protected], and for further information about the artist please visit or contact him directly via [email protected]

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