Pop-Up: SAM Labs

April 2016, 4th - April 2016, 22nd

About SAM Labs

To break it down, SAM Labs creates the ultimate Internet of Things kit that empowers everyone to create smart inventions while learning!

SAM Labs allows users to learn to programme and build their own inventions. Users don’t have to be technically gifted, all you need is to know how to push a few buttons.

SAM Labs have created a series of intuitive toolkits containing wireless building blocks which are connected and controlled by their award-winning, easy to use app. Users are able to create commands from this application which then directs each wireless block to perform using the Bluetooth-connected sensor. These blocks include buttons, pressure and thermometers.

Adrem - SAM Labs ©

Adrem – SAM Labs ©

The wireless building blocks come in different packages:

  • SAM Inventor Kit: x1 Light Sensor, x1 Tilt Sensor, x1 DC Motor, x1 Buzzer
  • SAM Explore: x1 Buzzer, x1 Button, x1 LED Light
  • SAM Learn: x1 Button, x1 LED Light, x1 Servo, x1 Slider
  • SAM Make: x2 Buttons, x2 LED Lights, x1 Servo, x1 Slider, x1 Tilt Sensor, x1 DC motor
  • SAM Pro: x1 Cloud Module (beta), x2 Buttons, x2 LED Lights, x1 Servo, x1 Slider, x1 Tilt Sensor, x2 DC Motors, x1 Light Sensor, x1 Heat Sensor
  • SAM Family: x1 Cloud Module (beta), x5 Buttons, x5 LED Lights, x3 Servos, x3 Slider, x2 Tilt Sensors, x3 DC Motors, x1 Light Sensors, x1 Heat Sensors
Adrem - SAM Labs ©

Adrem – SAM Labs ©

The SAM Labs app (free to download and available for Windows 8.1+ and Mac 10.9+) is an intuitive software that allows you to “drag, drop,” and connect different blocks wirelessly. This is perfect for anyone starting out with programming. You are then empowered to connect them to each other, different apps and the Internet.

The app also allows users to connect to their Twitter account and automate any hashtags or be notified when a mention occurs.


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Check out some extraordinary examples of how SAM Labs has been used by all types of people on their Community page.

Website: www.samlabs.com
Facebook: samlabs
Twitter: samlabs
Instagram: samlabs

Adrem - SAM Labs ©

Adrem – SAM Labs ©

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