What Do Words Mean To Say

May 2015, 7th - May 2015, 7th

About The Exhibition

We are proposing to put into fruition just one of the numerous ideas that we have conceived (not all of them are strictly connected to language). Our future performances will be composed of a variety of different acts, which altogether create  “a path” that the audience must follow in order to perform the final work. We intend to propose variations and introduce new ideas to each performance so that every piece is inherently unique and can never be performed more than once.

We do not make pieces of art, we create ‘opere’[1] of art. Each piece should not be interpreted as an individual work of art, but rather as components of a show, an experience, which in its entirety is itself the work of art. Furthermore, it is not us who create these works, instead they are created exclusively through the performance of the audience.  Although we are the authors of its conception, we are not accountable for its development or able to predict its final outcome. Moreover, only when it is mentally and physically performed by the audience can the work exist. The public does not merely complete the work, they will begin to mold them and define them in accordance with their own moral and artistic principles.

Giordano Boetti © What Do Words Mean To Say

Giordano Boetti © What Do Words Mean To Say

You are the artists and we are the audience.
We are the artists and you are the audience.
We are the artists within the audience and you are the audience of the artists.

You are the artists of the public and we are the public of the artists.

[1] ‘opere d’arte’ is the italian term for a work of art. Surprisingly, the word ‘opera’ can also signify ‘action’ or more accurately ‘the fulfilment of an action’.

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