How to End 2017 on a High Note

By | December 18th, 2017|

Prioritise Tasks

The most practical tool to help you focus on work in these last few days is a list of prioritised tasks that have either been long outstanding or are necessary deadlines. Be mindful of your most important projects and realistic abut what you can reasonably finish in the time that’s left. Perhaps you have colleagues or employees that have less on their plate as the new year draws to a close, if so consider asking for assistance or reallocate resources so that everyone keeps a steady pace. Idleness can breed distraction and you’d be surprised how often others are willing to help pitch to make it across the finish line. Don’t be shy or proud about seeking help, it isn’t a sign of weakness and it certainly doesn’t reflect poorly on your time management, if anything it’s a sign that you’re thoroughly committed to the business as a whole finishing 2017 on a strong note.


Spring Clean Early

If you do find yourself with idle time, then it can be incredibly satisfying to spend these last few weeks putting your office environment in order for the new year. Start with your own work station; clean and backup data, clear your desktop, archive necessary emails and set an auto-reply for incoming mail. Then move onto the physical space around you; file or recycle loose paperwork, return hoarded stationery and empty trays, drawers and trash bins. It’s also a good opportunity to consider if there is anything that you might benefit from in the new year; updated software, new stationery, better filing systems, more greenery. Lastly consider if there are any other areas of the office that might benefit from a through clean; sample libraries, hard copy filing, common areas, kitchen spaces or reception.


Resolve Any Differences

It’s inevitable that conflict and disagreement will arise in the office at various times of the year; it’s important though that these differences be settled so that they don’t carry over and effect how you begin 2018. If you have issues that are outstanding then don’t be shy about uncomfortable conversations; approach others with a clear objective in mind and promote a healthy work life balance. At this time of year it is likewise beneficial for employers to offer feedback and consider the opinions of their employees. Take the time to listen and reflect; it’ll offer insight into how systems and inefficiencies might be improved and it will make people feel valued and heard before they go away to make their own new year resolutions.


Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Of course it can’t all be about productivity at this time of year. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate both personal and business accomplishments. Enjoy the satisfaction of another year coming to a close; make time to socialise with your colleagues or employees and celebrate everyone’s hard work. Christmas events in most offices are fairly customary though other ideas might include; an office morning tea, a bring a plate to share lunch or an early mark for after work drinks. Even simply things like decorating with Christmas ornaments or organising secret Santa can go a long way at adding festive cheer to the office mood.


Start Reflecting and Make Changes Now

You needn’t wait until the new year to reflect on this one; in fact if you want those new years resolutions to last it’s better to start implementing changes slowly. The point of reflection is not only to benefit yourself in the future, but also to benefit yourself now. Consider what you can do to become a better person in the office, at home and in your community in 2018. What things didn’t work out for you this year; did you achieve what you set out to; what improvements would you like to make? Be proactive; if you’d like to make a change then consider how it is you might go about that and if you’re considering big changes in 2018; a career change perhaps then don’t forget to check out our portfolio council page or get in touch with our teams. It’s best as they say to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

By | December 18th, 2017|