5 Ways Your Company Culture Can
Promote Mental Wellbeing

By | August 8th, 2018|

With work pressures rising in our fast paced world, a mentally healthy workplace promotes a positive outlook to improve its employees wellbeing. A culture that supports wellness would automatically grow productivity and the general welfare of your staff. There are a few ways to instil that culture, and being one of London’s leading recruitment agencies – let us give you some tips on how.

Companies need to focus on fostering a wellbeing environment and explore how a culture of supporting mental health would fit in with their organisation. Even though this may require changes – these are the first steps you can start with.

1. Employee Engagement

This refers to the overall engagement an employee has with their work. Working in a relaxed environment lets employees be engaged with their work in all ways – physically and mentally. Employee engagement is about understanding one’s role in an organisation, and being sighted and energised on where it fits in the organisation’s purpose and objectives. It is important to be engaged with their work in all ways to provide a boost in morale, self-esteem and eventually productivity.

2. Encouraging a Work Life Balance 

Studies show that employees with a positive work-life balance have high productivity and do a better job over all. A company which promotes this would see a rise in wellbeing. Through flexible work timings, working from home options and understanding your employees ways of efficient working – a work-life balance would even give them an option to be more aware of their mental wellbeing.

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3. Speak Openly About Wellbeing

Educating employees on the importance of this would be the first step. Having a clear recognition of when your employees are overworked and stressed would be a way of giving support as soon as they need it. If they understand that your business is open to caring about their wellbeing, they will be more expressive about it. Providing safe and open communication throughout the work environment leads to a wellbeing oriented culture.

4. Promoting Professional Development

Creating conditions that let employees shine is as essential as providing them with company goals in the first place. For instance, recognition for achieving organisational targets or other work-related aims. Professional Development not only refers to the work that they are doing, but also an overall development such as skills, learning and training they may require at certain points in their career.

5. Encourage Out of Work Interests

If your culture helps employees revitalise, through outdoor activities and external entertainment, they will focus on how they feel when they are taking part in these. Promoting creative thinking and teamwork even improves the way in which people perform during work hours. For instance, weekly football games or Friday evening activities can help.

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By | August 8th, 2018|