How To: Prepare For An Interview – Do’s and Don’ts

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Part Two: Do’s and Don’ts

After reading Part One of the How To: Prepare For An Interview you will understand the basic essentials that all candidates need to prepare for any job opportunity. In this next part we will explain the do’s and don’ts in an interview and what common mistakes candidates make.


What Interviewers Look For – Do’s:

According to London-based research, the following qualities were considered to be top priorities during an interview.

  • Be on Time- 96% of employers agree timekeeping is influential.
  • Prep for the Interview- 93% agree
  • Hold Eye Contact- 82% agree
  • Personal Appearance- 73% agree
  • Quality Banter and Small Talk- 60% agree
  • Strong Handshake- 55% agree

What You Should Prevent – Don’ts:

We can tell you a million things on what not to do but the most important few would include:

  • Turn up late – always have enough time for unexpected situations, i.e. transport issues, getting lost, etc.
  • Fold your arms or slouch – body language says a lot
  • Smoke right before the interview – the last thing an interviewer wants is the smell of an ashtray
  • Complain about your old company, boss, colleagues – show that you have respect for the people in your industry
  • Read off your CV or notes – be familiar and speak with confidence
  • Use slang – how you speak to the interviewer will be how you speak to clients so be professional

Important Factors Interviewers Consider

So you’ve practiced using the correct body language and fine tuned your characteristics to hide the nerves, now lets look at the real factors. Interviewers have rated previous work experience as one of the top factors they consider at an interview, followed by first impressions and education. It’s not only important to list your skills on your CV but also be able to deliver a detailed description of that experience.

Important factors also considered:

  • Work Experience- 36%
  • First Impression- 24%
  • Education- 12%
  • Professional Qualification- 10%
  • Good References- 9%

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By | May 8th, 2018|