How To: Prepare For An Interview – 3 Basic Steps

By | October 4th, 2014|

Part One: The Basic Steps

Every interview experience is different, it all depends on the interviewer and your own confidence. Here at Adrem we know when it comes down to preparing for an interview you can never do too much research. In this series of How To: Prepare For An Interview we’ve broken down the pieces to help you achieve your top performance.


Step 1

As obvious as this sounds, your first step should be to check the time and place of the interview – make sure you have all the details and plan out your journey (you should plan to get there about 10-15 minutes before the interview starts). Ensure you have the correct name of the person/people interviewing you and be sure you know their job title and role as well! (You’ll be surprised how many candidates turn up to an interview and forget who they’re meeting)

Step 2

Know your CV like a good friend. You’ll most likely be asked to talk through your career to date and this should correspond with what’s on your CV. Take a few spare copies of your CV to the interview.

If you have any anomalies on your CV, such as big gaps in employment etc., then make sure you are prepared to explain why. Having no explanation for this can be extremely detrimental. Employers ideally like to see how you have developed your career; whilst out of work you should be actively improving your skills in any way whenever possible. This makes you look incredibly pro-active.

Step 3

We advise that you plan what to wear in advance of the interview. It is perfectly reasonable to ask beforehand what the dress code is applicable for the studio. You should always look smart for an interview, but if the studio is very casual in their dress, you could add in a bit of your own personality, rather than a grey suit. Keep this to a minimum though, as it is more important to look presentable and remember first impressions can completely ruin a candidate’s chance of being offered a job.


Corinne Sweet, an organisational behaviour psychologist, said:

“We make instant assumptions about people and can judge harshly or form fantasies.  These are based on external factors including: style, tattoos, skin colour and their accent. These impressions can be right or wrong, but candidates should know employers are forming an opinion from the very first contact. Plus, employers should understand that employees are forming their impressions too. Of course first impressions need to be backed up by performance, but getting your foot in the door and succeeding during the interview – or even just getting one – is the main challenge these days.”

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By | October 4th, 2014|