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UK Architecture Salary Guide 2015

Published on: 05-01-2015

To see who’s making what in the Architecture world, please check out our salary guide.



High Range Salaries

Generally paid by the larger commercial companies or design and build.

Low range Salaries

Generally paid by small non-commercial companies.

Job Title Salary Low p/a Salary Avg. p/a Salary High p/a
Part I Architect Assistant £18K £20K £22K
Part II Architect Assistant £24K £25K £27K
Part II Architect Assistant (with experience) £25K £29K £33K
Recently Qualified Architects (0-2 years) £30K £33K £36K
Project Architect (3-5 years) £36K £40K £45K
Senior Architect £42K £48K £52K
Associate Architect £45K £55K £65K
Associate Director/Project Director £55K £65K £85K
Director £60K £85K £120K
Junior Level Architectural Technician (0-3 years experience) £20K £23 £25K
Mid-Level Architectural Technician (3-5 years experience) £26K £30K £33K
Senior Architectural Technician (5+ years experience) £33K £37K £45K

All salaries exclude benefits.

If you require any advice on the above salary survey or have any general questions regarding the architecture market itself please feel free to contact one of our specialist Consultants within the architectural team.