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Hi Val, I have recently started seeing my boss outside of work but am paranoid about what people in the office might say if it comes out. What are my options, should I leave the job? 

Sensitive subject, so I’ll get right into it! First things first, I would look into your office handbook or contract. I am prepared to bet there is a clause in there about inter-company relationships. Some outwardly forbid it, or it can be highly frowned upon. Ask yourself, is it worth it? If it is, I recommend being discreet and being prepared for the consequences. You might be required to sign a contract with Human Resources or inform your line manager.

Most importantly don’t let your romantic relationship effect the quality of your work. Specifically as you mentioned you are seeing your boss, other colleagues might see this as opportunities and praise they give you as favouritism – and I am sure you are aware how quickly office gossip spreads.

My advice? Save the romance for outside of the office and discuss from the beginning how you would handle a potential breakup professionally. If it becomes serious, one of the members should consider a new position outside the company. Hey- they could be The One, I wish you the best of luck!

Val's VIew: Adrem - Career Path

Adrem – Career Path

Hello Val, I’m a recently qualified Architect and now I’ve achieved my aim of qualifying I just don’t know that I enjoy it that much. My friends think I’m mad as it took ages to become one.  Do you come across this much and if so what are my options of other careers as it’s not a general degree ? 

We get this question a lot!  The nagging feeling that you are not suited for what you just spent years studying doesn’t often go away—it just continues to grow with time. You can’t ignore it.   But there are a great many options that you can consider that are still within the design industry which would utilise your particular skills and experience.

Firstly figure out what matters most to you, what you enjoy and what you are good at.  For example you could transition into a fields such urban design, interior or product design or become a project manager within the built environment.  Changing your career is a big decision, and it’s okay to feel nervous or intimidated. After all, it’s a big change. But at a certain point, you need to stay true to how you want to spend your day.

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By | March 28th, 2019|