NWL Week: How To Get A Promotion

By | October 6th, 2016|

If you think you have worked above and beyond your job role, then maybe it’s time to start planning how to move up the career ladder. It can be daunting to bring up the topic with your boss, but by planning ahead the conversation can flow quite easily.


5 Key Things to Think About for a Promotion

  1. Dress to impress

Classic saying: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Depending on the size and what type of creative sector you work in this may or may not mean you have to wear a suit all the time. However, dress smart and respectable. Show your boss you are always client ready and well presented at all times. Who knows when that tiny window of opportunity will open.


  1. Have a good attitude

Like we said in the Encourage Team Building posts, happiness is contagious. If you show good attitude with an optimistic approach your boss is more likely to think of you as a positive influencer. Being negative and blue all the time doesn’t help the situation. In order to get a promotion, you need to demonstrate you have great leadership skills and is able to help the business grow.


  1. Have positive relationships

Socialise with your co-workers and build positive relationships. You are more likely to be well respected and a strong leader if you are a positive people person. Take part in social events but be genuine in who you are. Demonstrate you are an active listener and can work well with others.


  1. Set work goals and ambitions

Show your boss you are driven and have aspirations. A good leader can demonstrate they are proactive rather than re-active. Set some goals that will help the business grow and work towards them. Show your boss you try and succeed or fail, they will acknowledge your proactivity and appreciate your dedication to the company.


  1. Flag your interest

Let your boss know you are interested in progression and growth. Make it clear that you are qualified to take on a bigger role by achieving your targets and work above and beyond what your job description says. If your boss isn’t aware that you want to grow they might simply mistake you for being complacent and give the opportunity away.


It’s important to prove yourself at work but be sure to have a balanced work life. Work smart and utilise your time and resources.


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By | October 6th, 2016|