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Founder of Archiboo, Amanda Baillieu, adds commentary on the video of the recent Archiboo talk by Paul Fintch on “What’s Next in Property”.

Followed by Steve Rimmer’s summary of Paul’s Ten Takeaways from MIPIM 2015

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Paul Finch – What’s Next in Property

You need to go to Cannes to find out what’s happening in London, said Paul Finch explaining why MIPIM is a must-attend event for the entire property spectrum.

But as Finch pointed out, the real business gets done in the bars and private functions. And this is where the best gossip can be heard too.

This year, bets were being placed on who will take over as Mayor of London in May 2016. The smart money is on the former culture secretary Tessa Jowell.

But post May 7th London is likely to see less of Boris Johnson -who is standing as an MP- and rather more of his deputy for planning and policy, Ed Lister.

“Ed Lister is going to be running London and if you want something done you will have to go along to Ed and get it sorted out” said Finch.

Lister might also end up re-writing the rules that protect some of the capital’s key views, which Finch hinted would almost all disappear.

In his talk, which ranged from the redevelopment of the notorious Thamesmead estate in southeast London to arguments over plans for a Garden Bridge, Finch reserved his biggest criticism for Johnson.

“Boris is a two time mayor and has missed all his housing targets – he’s an abject failure,” said Finch while conceding that homebuilders are not pulling their weight either.

While housing was once again the most hotly debated topic at MIPIM, little that was said was new or came with money attached.

One idea that has received the Chancellor’s approval is for a London Land Commission also described as a “domesday book” because its role will be to identify surplus public land and brownfield sites that can be developed for housing.

No one at MIPIM really thinks that this will solve the problem and if it did what an earth would people have to talk about next year?

Paul Finch is programme director of the World Architecture Festival and editorial director of the Architectural Review and Architects’ Journal.

Adrem Archiboo © MIPIM 2015

Adrem Archiboo © MIPIM 2015

Top 10 Takeaways From MIPIM 2015

  1.  One has to go to Cannes to find out what’s going on in London
  2. Absentees are interesting. i.e. The Russians & Boris
  3. It’s now all about Cities; from Manchester to Tokyo but London seemed to be the property heart of Europe
  4. UK Regions were out in strength & Derby was twinned with Barcelona (but who’s Derbys’ Gaudi?)
  5. Infrastructure was up there on the agenda; Cross Rail 2, HS2, HS3 etc but how about Liverpool & Manchester burying the hatchet, linking with high speed rail & becoming the real Northwest powerhouse
  6. MIPIM manners are it’s acceptable to Pitch
  7. The Farrell proposition. The Capital as a green city with amenity is possible without expansion into the green belt.
  8. Do views only seem to matter in London? The Mayor is to have power over views, many will go & development will follow.
  9. Bridges & Roads. Docklands needs multiple pedestrian & cycling river crossings with access at grade, but is the Garden Bridge more folly than infrastructure.
  10. The Great Housing Shambles. UK & London are missing the targets so Ed Lister raised them which sounds good but send contrary to logic. Something more is needed!
Adrem Archiboo © MIPIM 2015

Adrem Archiboo © MIPIM 2015

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By | April 24th, 2015|