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Founder of Archiboo, Amanda Baillieu, adds commentary to the video of the Architects Pitch during 100% Design.

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Think about your audience and relax

“The point of the pitch is that you’re selling us an idea – the dream of working with you- but if don’t look up from the screen, where is the warmth?” Del Hossain asked Felix Finkernagel.

The panel that also included Barry Jessup, a director of First Base, Adam Scott of FreeState, John Norden of PegasusLife and radio producer Susan Marling didn’t pull any punches and Finkernagel was one of the architects who felt its full force.

So did Susanne Tustch of Erect Architecture “From a client’s point of view you were talking to a bunch of architects, a client would run a mile “ John Norden told her, while congratulating her on a school the practice designed and his daughter had attended.

Engaging the audience was a phrase that came up often, reinforced by Jessup’s point that architects need to get across their “key message” at the start of the presentation, rather than leaving it to the end.

“The first thing as a client I want to know is what are you trying to achieve. I got lost in the range of products you had” Jessup told Alex Mowatt of Urban Salon.

For Adam Scott it’s all about selling – a difficult concept for architects to grasp, “but it needn’t be”, he said. “The key thing about sales is that you’ve got to position yourself as a specialist otherwise you’re just in a sea of other contractors. I want to know your expert view”.

While a new practice without much work to show needs to “address the problem” head on – as James Hampton did – big practices also have to watch out they’re not seen as simply an efficient machine.

“When you talked about the office being a factory of 600 people that was a concern for me. I want to know that I’m going to get some TLC” Jessup told Linda Thiel, a partner at White Arkitekter and heading up its new London office.

Despite “jiggling” his right leg and speaking in a bit of a monotone, Pol Gallagher won the audience vote for best pitch because he seemed relaxed and told a good story, from a “pavilion of protest” against the government’s trebling of tuition fees to recent work including residential and corporate projects.

Congratulations to him and all our architects and see you next time.

Adrem © Architects Pitch - 100% Design

Adrem © Architects Pitch – 100% Design



Susanne Tutsch, Erect Architecture

Finkernagel RossFinkernagel Ross Architects

Chris FayC.F. Møller

James Hampton, Periscope

Alex Mowatt, Urban Salon

Linda Thiel, White Arkitekter

Pol Gallagher, ZAP Architecture


Judges include:

Adam Scott, FreeState

Barry Jessup, First Base

Del Hossain, Adrem Group

John Norden, PegasusLife

Susan Marling, Just Radio


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By | October 6th, 2015|