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Founder of Archiboo, Amanda Baillieu, adds commentary to the video of the Architects Pitch during Clerkenwell Design Week.

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The Architects Pitch

Five architects took to the stage during Clerkenwell Design Week to pitch to a live audience and an expert panel comprising Del Hossain, Russ Edwards, David Hamilton and Gus Zogolovitch.

Each architect had to demonstrate their passion, how they unlock value and why they’d be good fun to work with. But they only had 3 minutes each, which was a challenge too far for some. Running out of time is a common occurrence but the way around this is to practice until perfect, said the panel. “Test your pitch on someone’s who not an architect” advised David Hamilton. Also, pitching to family and friends will help make sure that every image is working hard. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” said Del Hossain in response to one presentation he felt needed more photos and fewer “ wobbly drawings”.

But knowing which slides to leave out is just as important as knowing what to put in, agreed the panel. It’s not simply that an average audience is only capable of retaining three or four images in short-term memory, there’s also a risk you will come across as being too generalist. While clients like architects who can demonstrate they can tackle a range of projects, too much variety can lead to lack of clarity about the message you’re trying to get across said Gus Zogolovitch. “ I like the fact you’ve included a picture of your team” said Gus, while the entire panel warmed to the architects who demonstrated “ personality” and passion.

As an architect you’re not just selling a service, you’re helping to create a better world and this is something that all the pitches strived to do, the panel said. But, don’t pepper your pitch with words like “ critical friend” or incremental urbanism” advised David Hamilton unless you can demonstrate what you mean. Again this is a golden rule. Use simple language not jargon and remember your narrative needs a strong thread.

After all, we all warm to memorable stories we can relate to, even ones that are only 3 minutes long.


Chris Bryant, Alma-nac  @almanacllp

Cany Ash, Ash Sakula @ashsakula

Ferhan Azan, Azman Architects @AzmanArchitects

Murray Kerr, Denizen Works @denizenworks

Scott Grady, Haptic Architects @studio_haptic

Judges include:

Russ Edwards Design Director of Pocket Living

Gus Zogolovitch Director of Solid Space and founder of Crowdestates

Del Hossain MD of the Adrem Group

David Hamilton Architect and senior member of the Malcolm Reading Consultants team.

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By | June 12th, 2015|