Video: Social Media Archiboo – ‘How to Create Your Own Word of Mouth Online’

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Founder of Archiboo, Amanda Baillieu, adds commentary on one of the videos from the premier series on How To Create Your Own Word Of Mouth.

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Anna Winston – How to create your own word of mouth online

Social media has passed the stage of simply being a passing fad. But most of us who use it regularly have had to learn on the job. Yet as Dezeen’s editor Anna Winston explained, there are some basic rules before you get going. Put simply, think of social media as an extension of a conversation you might have with friends or family.

So, just as you are unlikely to ‘phone someone to tell them your cat has just fallen asleep on the chair, you shouldn’t use Twitter to broadcast boring information. While it’s true that half of Twitters’ users worldwide prefer to read rather than send tweets themselves, if you want genuine followers you’re going to need to be engaging and that means having something interesting to say and adding links.

You also need to have an opinion – don’t sit on the fence over an issue you care about – and be prepared to defend your point of view, albeit in a friendly way. But expressing an opinion and then having to defend it in 140 characters is hard, which is why Anna cautioned against giving responsibility for social media accounts to someone junior in the company or an external PR, who’ll take a more cautious even bland tone than someone senior.

While no one has the time to be constantly active on social media, being “beige” is worse than doing nothing and it could cost you followers and ultimately your reputation, she warned.

While Twitter can be very useful as a way of making contact with people across disciples and hierarchies, what about the other platforms?

“Pintrest is great for architects… it’s a platform that allows you to tell a visual story and, I like the way it shares visuals and tell people more about yourself “ Anna said, while Facebook got her thumbs down.

Google Plus is another platform worth considering, although people are still vague about what it does.

“Think of it as a cross between Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn” plus it’s about “future proofing your business ” because it means Google is more likely to rank you higher in search which is very valuable to a small business.

But don’t try and manage too many platforms – it’s hard work- and makes sure whatever you do, you have fun. If you take it all too seriously you’re missing the point.

Social media is about presenting an image of yourself to the world and the last thing you want to be is boring.


Archiboo was founded by Amanda Baillieu in 2014, and is supported by Adrem and Caro Communications.


By | March 13th, 2015|