Wellbeing in the Workplace

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AJ100 architecture practice created a week filled with activities, lectures, CPDs and workshops in hope that everyone in their team will find something interesting to get involved in. From life drawing to tai chi classes, they filled the week with a variety of options surrounding the theme of ‘wellness’.


We were flattered to kick off the week with a lunch seminar by our very own MD, Del Hossain who delivered the understanding of wellbeing within the workplace. Del, Wellbeing Psychologist and a former London Business Mentor of the Year, shared some original insight from his up-coming book on Wellbeing in Creative Environments: ‘The Dopamine Junkie’


One of the key points from this seminar was the difference between a ‘growth mindset’ and ‘fixed mindset’. The way a person thinks determines the outcome of their actions. By having a ‘fixed mindset’ a person will not progress and as a result be caught in the belief that they are limited to their abilities, rather than accepting the challenges to raise above them.

Adrem © Wellbeing in the Workplace

Adrem © Wellbeing in the Workplace

According to research, 50% of factors that influence a person’s happiness is based on genetics, 40% comes from a person’s individual decision and surprisingly only 10% derive from the circumstances around them. This analysis explains that although majority of people blame work, transport, weather or others for why they are unhappy, truth is, they are in main control of how to think/make themselves happy.


As technology changes and people adapt, we encounter more and more millennials within the workplace, including 70% of our audience. More than half of the millennials state that organisational wellbeing is important, but what does that mean?


Organisations should keep an eye out for these 5 main factors:

  1. Purpose – enjoy what they do everyday
  2. Social – support from friends and family
  3. Finance – managing their economic life
  4. Community – happy with where they live / work
  5. Physical – good health and energy to get things done


In summary, if you are looking to improve the wellbeing in your architecture or design workplace you must deliver a positive mindset and build social support to reduce anxiety.

Like more help for your organisation? Get in touch with me if you would like to arrange a CPD with Del.

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By | June 23rd, 2017|